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[ please do shitpost at my shiny themepark ]

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(Not that I need the extra few million dollars)

HA $ HA $ HA $ HA $ HA $ HA $ HA $
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(Looks at the statue at the amusement park enterance) (Looks at Magolor) (Looks back at the statue) (Looks back at Magolor) (The sudden realization that this is not some "Rare Golden Egg" that Haltmann could make millions he doesn't need, it's probably made of fools gold)

EHEM- It's Mr. Haltmann. My... apologies for any confusion, sir. I was just admiring this statue that you have in this establishment here.
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What is this? A theme park?? How cute! How charming!! And what do we have here?

(smiles at the egg shaped friends)

Oh goody, company! My name is Queen Ripple! I couldn't help but overhear your conversation, might I join in the fun?
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(the queen takes a step back, suddenly feeling uneasy around the strange alien)

Hm, well yes... I don't think I can lend you my crown. It's very precious and priceless to me!

Tell me more about the attractions at your theme park! I'm ever so curious!!
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(looks a bit dumbfounded)

H-How did you make that so fast? It literally wasn't here a second ago and now it's here...

(shakes head, deciding she doesn't want to know)

Uh, so, what's this about a race?
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Well, I thought since my company workers are doing so well with $ Mechanization Project $ on Popstar. I could travel to nearby planets and see other places that I could buy off in the near fu-

What was that?

(looks down and starts sulking real emo like)

I don't..............have relatives........
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(WOW.. that was a burn if I've ever seen one)

Oh..Susie? Well, I... GUESS.. she's. considerably. the closest thing I have to family.

Cough. Cough. (Speaks into his headset) Hello, Susie? I was out looking for new planets to work on after the Mechanization Project has been completed on Popstar and I'm here at some strange amusement park. The local provided you with a free pass in, would you like to join me?
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(He Sit)


This is quite some information you're providing me here, drilling Halcandra? Well, the thought had never crossed my mind. Are you selling out your home planet to me?
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