c_r_o_w_n_e_d: laugh (laugh)
oh you know, probably ([personal profile] c_r_o_w_n_e_d) wrote 2016-07-29 06:56 am (UTC)

Introductions! silly me, i am Magolor!, halcandran wizard working on his own themepark....
well it is just for kirby but... he is not here so why not use it to make some money

(notices his interes in the statue)

ooh-OOH! this, i just made it , as you can see im good at building stuff, machines or magic!
Pretty isnt it? just like gold if only you were so foolish to believe it, that is!

BUT!!!! What brings you here Mr. Hallmen, here to forget that big bussines matter n relax? forget that big evil machine thing impaling popstar?

whatever you call i can help! maybe you should have brought some relatives too for more fun.

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